Liburan Absurd Menyusur Pantai Sepanjang Uluwatu

Have you guys had a moment of desperately need changes in your life?
The urgent needs of breathe the new air, seeing other path, or even meet up with other people?
After 11 tahun ngangon bocah, yep i am an early childhood trainer, avoiding the word of educator, i do feel bored.
They said, my job is a very easy and fun job. Yes, it's fun. We have to be a fun person on the class, no matter what. Playing is always fun. Easy??? Eeerrrrr....You better come and help me then :D

So in the middle of nowhere, i came up with the idea of going to Bali, without preparation. At all. All i have is a one way ticket to visit my sister there. And a cute smile for begging her my ticket to go home.
I have a month of holiday, lots of leissure time, but no money.

I once went to Bali, with full itin, a driver, a room with swimming pool, but accompanied by coworkers i have only know for 3 months. So i skip few landmarks i've seen before.

I gathered some info, and found out that uluwatu has lots of beaches. All you have to do is driving straight following that road, and you'll see many signboard bring you to see beautiful beach. I rent a motorcycle and have myself lost but then found the way again.

So for two days riding i visited Blue point, Green Bowl, Pandawa, and Padang-padang or Labuan Sait. Actually you still can see Melasti, and Dream Land too. I visited that spot on my previous trip. But then, regret why on earth i didn't visit Uluwatu Temple.

Well, because it's a random absurd vacation, next time i'll do it better.

If you have a chance to spend time in Uluwatu, make sure to visit Garuda Wisnu Kencana when they perform Kecak dance. It will be awesome to have many thing in one basket right?

Well, it is a random journey, but i learn to have a better one next day. Keep praying for another awesome affordable ticket of Citilink and series of day off coming in.


  1. Bagus banget pantainyaa..
    Sejuk udaranya..
    Bikin betah deh disana.

    Salam : konten gaptek


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